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How is it to live in the former GDR?


When, at the time or today?

Today you can live here as well as everywhere in Germany only.
Depending on the corner, sometimes inexpensive, time upscale price range.


A good friend has lived in an apartment without bath. The toilet was half a staircase deeper in the hallway. She had to share this toilet with the persons who lived under their lived. The apartment was basically just a long hose. The kitchen had a window to the courtyard. From the kitchen you came to the bedroom. That was just so wide that she could touch the walls with outstretched arms. Left the bedroom through the second door you came to the living room. That was a little bigger, about 3 x 3 m². Drove a truck past the house, clinked the glasses in theWardrobe. In the living room stood an oven, in the bedroom there was no way to heat, in the kitchen you could heat up the stove. Of course, it was also operated with wood or lignite.

Anyone who could move from such a house into a new apartment, which could appreciate happily. At that time, the apartment in the plate were very popular. There you had a real bathroom, sometimes a central heating, sometimes a furnace heating, a kitchen, a relatively large living room, a balcony and depending on how big the apartment was one, two or three more rooms. You could not choose these apartments. They were assigned by the state after a long wait. But you only got them when you were married. Who lived alone, often stayed in his old building Hän


Very pleasant and for financial pensioners it is a hot tip, because it lives there cheaper in the sense of the general prices.

Here is a positive example, a clever mayor and a former vessel village, make it possible. Stendal / How-Bittkau-inhabitant-win-able-guest-100.html

How is it to live in the former GDR?

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