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Why do some people have to be like that?


So it's about a friend of mine, who is constantly telling me only about his oh so great job as a helper at the university and what he would have done again at his motorcycle (always with the contributory "boy was again Expensive! ").

I was not working for years for psychic disease on the first job market what he also knows.
But ask how I'm doing, he never does.
Always always come from him always Again, because of because of that I was a disgusting social trailer or even when it was (again) about the topic of sports / diet, that I (quite a sports lovers) did not know how to do it properly, because I have such a "ugly Fetter Oger "(although he moves 0, 40kg overweight has and does not even decently rasiERENEN).

Why are some people like this?



Such people suffer from severe inferiority complexes and can only suffer themselves by showing others, as inferior that are.

You should stop contacting this person as quickly as possible because he only pulls you down with his egocentric narcissism.

You can be sure that he finds himself fat and ugly, but to distract from himself, he keeps you fat, that you are fat and ugly ,

If he comes next time with such a saying, just say, "Did you try it with a mirror?" And watch his reaction. You can then take that for the occasion to tell him your opinion about him, and that you do not have any value on further contact with it anymoreT.

Send him into the desert, because he brings you nothing but annoyance.


Classical self-assessment and self-value deficiency. Someone who is really satisfied with him, does not need to make others small. He struggles with himself and probably only transforms that. Do not let yourself go to the footwear from that!


I honestly do not know exactly. Attentioned horny ...

What I know: but from such people you keep remotely remotely, then you do not need to be annoyed about them.


That's unimportant! Busy with your so-be, there you have good to do - like everyone!

If everyone is for themselves, then for everyone is taken care of!


Hold distance ... the easiest

Why do some people have to be like that?

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