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Are you rather a strong person OD a weak person?


In the sense of mental and cognitive skills? Also, in terms of understanding for the big whole (ideologies, worldview, spirituality and esotericism)?

also proceeds mechanical or mathematical.

Then how strongly socially socially in the sense of great or small circle of friends , also like easy you do new friendships to close or simply get to know the person in themselves .... USW

A strong man choose 58%

A weak person Choose 42%


I always meant that I would be a 'weak human' ...

.. However, my social environment has been explaining to me for many years that I'm more likely to be 'strong' I'm

That was so much aware of me, but now I believe it, and can also confirm it on the basis of changing life situations.

I'm actually clear, well clear ...

A colleague brought it to the point:

"While I still complain about, and I am suffering, you have already arrived with the new situations, and make the best of it, you take it As it comes, and can win everything a positive side ... "


a mixture of both.


Some people are just a halt ... well, likeAlso.


I soften unpleasant situations


This should assess others. They see that clearer.

Are you rather a strong person OD a weak person?

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