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Is it actually a duty to wear a headscarf for the Muslim?


not necessarily.

Muslims with contemporary attitude often see the thing differently. For example, the well-known and most of all sides estimated Islam connoisseur Muhammad Asad.

He understood the (in addition to some other alleged "evidence" from Koran and Hadithen) vers 31 from Sure 24 so that It is not about covering the hair, but about covering the bosom.

In the time of the "prophet", deep cutouts in the décolleté were also pretty common.


Many Muslims m. And W. explain it has been voluntary ...

Especially Muslimas explain, they would volunteer the Hijab.

Accordingly, it can not be a duty .... or they are wrongn herself and other


As far as I know, this is not so not in the Koran, but rather from Shia / Sunna

(the tradition, according to which The 'prophet to have said the ASMA in an event so told)


Can you say so, yes:

Women must cover themselves
Often asked for the concealment of the Muslim women. In the early days of Islam, when Mohammed lived only with his first woman in Mecca, he did not call the Muslim women to wear veil. After the relocation to Medina, however, something happened what a new revelation at women triggered.
Muhammad began to marry several women, and after each of his weddings he used a feastadmit. After the feast for Zainab bint Jahsh (from her will be talking later), some people stayed in Mohammed's house after he had already gone.
The next day, one of the most familiar trailers Muhammed's followed:
Umar told: I said, "O Messenger Allah! Good and bad people surround you, and that's why I suggest that you are the mothers of the faithful (ie Your Women) Area Testing To Wear Veil. " Then Allah revealed the verses of the Al-Hidjab.
On the same day, Mohammed received the Angel Gabriel's revelation that women should wear veils.
Prophet! Tell your wades and daughters and the women of the faithful, they should (if they escape) something of theirDownload and (over your head). So it is most likely to ensure that they recognized (as honest women) and then not harassed. Sure 33.59; See also verse 33 and SURE 24.31.58ff.
So the women began to wear themselves. Muhammed's second Mrs. Aischa described how women followed this new revelation:
Aischa used to say, "as (the verse):" They should draw their robe over their necks and their breasts "disclosed, cut (the women) off their hip towels at the edges and covered their faces with the cut pieces. "
Mohammed's intention to view the Hidjab (veil) was clear, and the Muslim women covered their faces. Today's conservative Muslims literally follow the Koran, andHer women also cover their faces. Liberal Muslims bear modern, but sunny clothes.

Source: Jesus and Mohammed by Dr. med. Mark A. Gabriel, 1st edition 2006, page 202-203. Terrence

It is plight for a woman.

Whether some, some of the opposite say here. Lee

No, no obligation, but a recommendation. The woman should cover her ornaments according to traditions.

Is it actually a duty to wear a headscarf for the Muslim?

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