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Survey Future: How will the future look like?


I always observe how people are replaced by computer. There are already robots for lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners. Self-propelled cars. How do you think it will continue? If man is now finally replaced by computer. How will we live (basic income?)

What do you think


When the electrical vacuum cleaner was invented, one has feared the same.

And yes, I have a macotene robot and a suction robot. Very practical and proven both. And no, it did not change my household noticeably, but a little relieved little.

Autonomous driving will take a long time, because so far this is rather beautiful. But would it be so bad to have really important things while driving time? Or be it for recreation, preparation or chatting with the passenger without fear of being inattentive? I think no.

Technology has always helped and the quality of life increased. This will also be like this with the coming inventions.

We are all waiting for a humanoid sex robot. That isredefine the power relations of the sexes. Then it goes round. : -)


This fear already had the people at the industrial revolution and look at where we are today. For the time being (the next few hundred years), the professions and priorities will simply shift themselves.

But sometime in a few millennia we could be at the point where no one has to work more, the money may be superfluous will and you can do something you want.

or persimistic it is sometimes so far that we are in the perfect dependence on companies and gradually doping (see movie idiocracy)

But I Denke dear positive :)


" I observe Immhe more like people are replaced by computer "

I do not necessarily do it now, unless you mean the phone hotlines, a la plaid voice machine, which would like to answer: "

I did not understand her, what is your concern? "

And then, after the 5th attempt to get a service employee, in the listener clear and clearly lace "

Speech, human! "

Then it works mostly and the friendly service employee has helped within about 50 seconds.

So, it is not that easy with the replace ,

Your mentioned autonomous cars (ever started as a problembus) drive slowly like a crutch, there's a grandmother with a roller faster.

Wait simply

Posen, buy for defense and pastime such a cute dog

on the video, make me only the embarrassing people With the corrosive phone thoughts - whether the in the future can finally let this filming nervesuchous endroge in the pocket?! The smartphone could at most destroy the brain, pride and self-purpose, which is totally no matter that they are embarrassed

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