What are your password systems?

2021-07-23 06:01:59 SUE


Please do not be too detailed, but it is still interested in: D

How to create your passwords?

Do you have electronically key bulbs?

Do you take the passwords suggested by the browser?

or do you always reset, because that can not notice?

Do you make the Always on "remember" or give her again and again?

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in the private sector:

Mostly small sentences in asematic "languages". For example, something: "miloksa uluku kantum"

in professional area 1 (eg for the production access to customer servers):

For this I have a small Python script made:

  Import OS, BASE64M = STR (BASE64.B64ENCODE (OS.URANDOM (512)), 'UTF-8') Open ('Password Pool.txt', 'W'). Write ('\ n'. Join ([M [I: I + 24] for i in Range (0, Len (M), 24) if i + 24  

I use one thing in each case and then remove it from the Pool.

in professional area 2 (internal test environments without access from outside):

This usually looks like or something similar:

Username: Admin

Password: Admin123


Automatically generated passwordter with large-scale letters, numbers and special characters.

A password manager with a master password that I wrote written, even if I have the password in mind.

How does your passwords?

About the password generator of my password manager. For at least 32 characters, if the service allows it, and for everything its own, completely randomized password

you have electronically key frames?

Yes, I use KeePassXC as a password manager.

Do you take the passwords suggested by the browser?

Something does not
or do you always reset because that no one can notice?

Do you make the passwords inMer on "remember" or do you always give her again?

No passwords are stored in my browser. There are a symbol for login queries thanks to browser integration, which can be filled in the login - for example here to GF:

Suzanne Mostly name of the first pet (backward) + name of the first street in which I used to + SIM Card number XD Ann My head works pretty well . Nobody comes in so easily. Where it is important and possible, the mobile phone comes with 2FA.

What are your password systems?