Dacia Sandero? Does your driver know?

2021-07-23 07:03:48 ALLEN

Do you know people drive the Dacia?

I really found this little assessment interesting.
Did we really have too high standards now? ^^



Yes, I know drivers - both the old and the current model. Bad is not such a Dacia, but every ten-year-old VW-Golf or Opel-Astra made of serious first ownership and with a complete checkbook offers a better and contemporary equivalent - the Dacia is also only in its simplest cheap version "Cheap", but also unpackaged Any special equipment, which already brought the basic model of a Golf or Opel-Astra ago 15 years ago. There is only Dacia lacking that the basic model with only four courses in the program - but who knows, maybe that's next to the price list, even if you ask.

A Dacia Sandero is a low-cost car that builds on old Renault technology and he moves si on the standCh. He drives, he brakes, he steers, he heats, he airs, the radio plays music - that's in the thing. Unjustly, to whom the used car warranty of Opel or VW is too lousy, they will be clear, everyone else. As I said: Technically, these cars behind the standard and Renault was never really premium or high quality, you can see from isolated services such as Irmscher optimized Biturbo saffron ... but basically it was just a cardboard cover car with bad workmanship and dubious reliability. Whether Renault is recommended, there was always such a question of faith - I would never buy a Renault because I always have a bad gust. When French, then at most Citroen.

Through various ENFOLGE has become very confident sometimes very confident at some point and has tarted the price screw on a level where cars like the Fiat Tipo are no longer more expensive, but more better and also Dacia is still for an undefined Eastern Bloc Communism brand and de facto for one Arms-People Car just in the hierarchy above the Russian brand Lada.

I consider this AMS report for romantizing and exemplary. Probably, it also becomes aware of it and wants to avoid hass comments or apply nciht as decadent and good weather with dacia drivers. In truth, every compact was better than 15 years ago - and if I want to buy a car without a technical climate, a checkbook-maintained golf 3 from first pensioner hand is still in every Hinsicht Better and superior to the Dacia with regard to comfort, workmanship and even the image.


Know a driver of the Sandero. He wanted to stop a car with a decent factory warranty for really little money.

He got, he is satisfied because he really has only as a claim to come from A to B without making thought about age-free wear.

Although he likes to go with more expensive cars, they do not want to afford and used cars. So that's going for him.


In my free workshop there is a Sandero with capital engine damage after just 74,000 km.


If I am particularly important to come from A to B, a Dacia is enough. Cheap car Ohne bells and sound technology. If you do not hundreds of miles on the way every day is absolutely sufficient. But in our society, many with such a car have an image problem, as you need a full-grown SUV to drive to ALDI


My parents drive both Dacia, Dokker and Logan. I go to Golf 2 and I just find that the Dacias do not let go well. You can not switch well, do not start well, do not drive well and you look little

Dacia Sandero? Does your driver know?