Suspenders and fly in the free time?

2021-07-24 01:07:04 KERRY

Hello, how do you find it when you wear fly and suspenders in time? . For example, I would wear a shirt with flowers print and a blue bow tie and suspenders. How to get the station wagon? BIN M 23


Everyone is his thing, but I (m, 30) find it somehow caricature and transcribes, it goes towards nerd hipster cliché pure ... you have to like. It looks just as written was very eccentric and you will definitely notice in the outfit - you'll have to live with funny. But on the other hand: Everyone like him like: -)


Basically, I find suspenders in monochrome shirts optically faded, especially with a white shirt with high-rolled sleeves and a black pant or jeans.

If you combine a flowers shirt + fly plus suspenders, it could overload too much.

Save an Eyecatcher as an accessory, in this case is less more.

Have fun with your look


Suspenders I would find casual if you do not wear them on the shoulders.

But basically: always that, in Why you feel well!


failed in any case. If you like it then do that. At least something else than this triste unit look all wear.


Can you do, just looks quite eccentric

But if that is your thing, then make

Suspenders and fly in the free time?