Can you attract this dress to the privilege?

2021-07-24 04:00:45 PEGGY

Are scared that it is too simple or somehow inappropriate. Unfortunately, I do not know at the dress code for such occasions. I like the dress because it is as simple and little skin shows or little is climbed. But is it okay for a priority?

And do you think I can also wear flat shoes or sandals?

What do you think? The next problem is that I have only light blue sandals. At higher shoes I would have black, open shoes. The dress is arm green. And which hairstyle do you think would fit well? Braided hair, dutt or open hair or something completely different? Well-being I feel with a Messy Dutt, but the others are onTailor hairstyles at the hairdresser ... I just do not want to notice (negative), but not to the hairdresser. LG Kath PS: The abibial is tomorrow.

very pretty, but they would curl and may recommend a chain or a bracelet. The dress is nice.


Very boring, especially without any jewelry or curls.

Just to the abibal one should already be chic.


You are busy with the topic very early. Usually, you are already seen more conspicuous, but if you like it in it and you feel comfortable, then take it quietly.

I had one in my vintage, which had a black jeans and a blouse. Everyone like him likes.


In the abibals of my sons, the girls were already very mixed. Some were really raced, others came in rather SCHallter outfits.

The dress is chic, but I would actually put on the high shoes. Messy Dutt is sure okay. Do you still have big earrings and a striking bracelet to continue to refine it?

That would be very stylish, but still discreetly.

Most importantly, you feel comfortable. Then you can not care, what the others attract. Stand to you! Virginia
PS: The abibial is already tomorrow.

Joa, then you do not have the choice ...

Personally, the dress does not like the dress, neither the color, from the material nor from the cut. It could be more elegant and interesting.

For me in the overall impression, more of the funeral.

Can you attract this dress to the privilege?