How much did your desk chair cost?

2021-07-24 06:04:43 JEROME

100-150 € Choose 41%

More choose 32%

cheaper than 50 € Choose 14%

50-100 € Choose 14%


250 € for a professional office chair that were handled by us as a mass order for all employees in terms of long months, which we should not come to the office due to pandemic. After now over a year HomeOffice, I'm sure it was one of the best investments of my life. My back is outstanding, what many people who have spent this year else spent this year.


I believe from 200 € to 100 € Reduced he is also cozy but use it But not often


125 €. Or it is more of my chair for everything. Super comfortable and now holds a few years.


Nearly 150


340, - €

How much did your desk chair cost?