Are you leaving to meet someone to chance?

2021-07-24 07:02:51 ANNETTE

Yes Choose 89%

No Choose 11%


Hello Carlossrieder,

Yes, I do.

Wonderful people have already come to my life without looking for afterwards.

In addition, I do not believe in coincidence, but it falls to what is due.


I have learned that I have no real influence on it anyway.

If someone is interested in me, that does not mean that I'm interested in or the other way around .

Mostly it comes simple.

My husband I met because he is the brother of my girlfriend. Was a lucky coincidence.


Yes because this I met my best friend Date Partner ❤️

Comfortable I'm too exhausting, meLet me surprise my universe


I will not try to get to know a person.

Either it happens or not.


yes clear. It's just like a puzzle piece when I should not have a partner, I just miss something in life. My someday comes the right one and then the puzzle is just complete.

Are you leaving to meet someone to chance?