Is the marriage already outdated?

2021-07-24 07:03:21 PETE

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No, it is much more married today as a few years ago

It shows its inner bond officially to the outside and has the wish with marriage with his partner to his life Spend in good and bad times. This is something special. For me, love ahead and no tax savings.

The marriage will always stay modern.


Who selects obsolete just no idea. Who marries a bond forever. Whoever comes from a relationship from the beginning with the idea that one separates anyway, for which a marriage is of course nothing


I am married for 9 years, but must say it very happy and happy with it.

However, I do not consider it "necessary" nowadays. It's hardly any distinction to garke a difference, costs a lot of money for just a fantastic day. After that everything is as always. Only the parents of the partner are called mom and dad with sometimes. If you want or not.

But! If you are sure, you know that you have the absolutely right partner who has made you the years very happy, then the marriage is the last emotional and for many church step to union. For itself and in society.

For me, my wedding was more than just a fantastic day. For me it was the absolutely final step to realizing a dream. Of course, only with the man I really long and ILove.

Since today, however, the idea of ​​a wedding in white dress is grabbed less and less in the heads of small girls, and the church is no longer so considered as she was, I do not think a marriage for as important as she times was.

In the past she was the necessary step towards his own family, for sex and a prestigious place in society. In the past, the woman was even dependent on a marriage, but that's a long time ago.


If you do not have to do,

What is yours outdated ?


Jap, because one is together with whom you also love and it is unnecessary if you got married or not, that's something church. Not even god or Jesus or so has said something RawwrHaha

Is the marriage already outdated?