Can a computer freak like me ever find a girlfriend xd?

2021-07-24 11:00:58 SAUL

Hi Bin M18 and my whole life plays on the PC from and the virtual world. I play them, programs, boats me several operating systems on the PC and even on the phone, do something with hardware and have assembled my PC, work or look there series and movies and be a short learn I chop with Kali Linux

And Joa sometimes like this time I wish myself a partner. A person who can give love and affection and also gets (if relationships work on how I know did not have no lol).

To be honestly annoying to see me sometimes couples on the street and want to wish the same luck, but I do not find a world's going on BTW now

So how should I just on the PCis ever finding a girlfriend XD, I Mean I'm just going to shop and work out Haha

Pls Halp: O


Many candidates will scare when they play only the second violin.

Unless she shares your passions.



Hmm, I'm 19 and what should I say. Personally, I'm really desperate to find a friend. But just then to look for it is a mistake in my view because you stop just out of spasm maybe. Meet people and see what happens. Something is best when you make little excursions with your friends or But everyone has to look. But I have often asked myself 'What if I'm still single with 23?' I believe such questions could not be putting on where just nothing would happen and you only have something likeLeches in recent.


I know exactly what you mean: D is the same with me and I am 19. I think that's what happens at some point. But you have to get to know people for it and just sit on the PC makes it a bit heavier


Believe me, I was one-two years too. Since I had a girlfriend despite little time. That's due to SUF, but you also have to communicate openly, how much time you have. Otherwise, it will probably fail


I am not a computer nerd, but I'm sure it's about 8 billion people who will give you right for you. Everyone is individual and you certainly find a computer-loving girlfriend. Good luck, never give up and lg