Die thick people rather or achieve an average death age?

2021-07-24 17:01:03 LAURA

Ready-thick people with enormously much overweight on average actually already or reach an average death age?

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Yes - Strongly overweight persons have a lower life expectancy by at least 10 years.

Exceptions confirm the rule, some thickness keep that out, and they are pretty old.

Note - OT:

People with big belly, fatty liver, intestinal grease, visceral fat are particularly affected, that is particularly harmful; They often have high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar = diabetes.

Such persons are twice as often affected by cancer as slim persons.

The thicknesses have one Weak condition. That's why they do not move much that shortens life. You often have shortness of breath and heart failure.


Hello! Heavily overweightE people actually die significantly earlier. And before in life, a greatly reduced quality of life

Obesity can have genetic causes, but in most cases people are responsible for their many pounds themselves. Too much food - especially too much sugar and fat - on one side, too little movement on the other. The health consequences are serious: overweight sufferers often suffer from breathing problems and have a higher risk of developing cancer or diabetes, as normal weight. Cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or hypertension also occur more frequently. The consequence: obese dying earlier, men five years, women after all over three years.

https: //www.7ahlaenger.de/7jl/magazine/die-7-groestern-lebenszeitkiller-54812

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It's a fog how to do Something else can ask ... It is well known that an unhealthy lifestyle reduces life expectancy. The same also applies to the overweight, whereby it also arrives at the degree of overweight. But these individuals pictured in the picture are far more than just chubby. The bones suffer, the muscles suffer and especially the heart and circulation system suffers as well as the metabolism. No good conditions to become old.


in a strong obesity partially 10 years ago


But also knows enough overweight old people.

DIE modern medicine already holds many of them.

Whether you want to live, let's leave.

Die thick people rather or achieve an average death age?