Is sex better or worse when the partner is trimmed?

2021-07-24 20:00:55 CARLOS

So with my friend much better because he lasts longer and I feel more intense (by the way also a bit)

What do you mean? And why?

Sex worse (W) CHOOSE 30%

Sex better (m) Choose 28%

Sex better (w) Choose 22%

Sex worse (m) Choose 20%


In both camps there are guys who have it on it and which do not have it on it.

Better or worse on make sure that the foreskin still has or is not totally sensitive . It depends on the skills or inability of the individual. No more and no less.


No difference occurs on harmony with each other at no matter if purely sexually or with feelings.


I find him since I'm curved horny, the feelings have changed something. And the stamina has taken. It also feels horny because the acorn lies freely and direct contact has whether when sex or oral traffic it feels really cool.


It can happenn, that the circumcised less sputs some have even orgasm problems after circumcision.

Circumcision has nothing to do with a long way to do. When a man comes too fast, he's either an egoist or does not know how sex works properly.


Neither nor

It also depends on many other things on it.

Is sex better or worse when the partner is trimmed?