Should I worry about the dogs?

2021-07-24 20:01:31 LAURENCE

Hello, I'm currently looking at my last question in Serbia. Am Grad on the farm of my opas and he has grad more or less wanted 3 dogs, 1 full-grown female and 2 puppies. The bitch actually belongs to a roommate of my Opas, which, however died 2 years ago. As you can see in the photos you are pretty dirty and probably full of any beetles and ticks. The mother was attacked yesterday on a bridge of 2 stray dogs. It therefore limps degree with the right front paw. The dogs wars to eat bread mixed with water and as drinking normal water, which is more or less dirty. Should I worry? Can an animal welfare association do something? What should I doN? Thanks for helpful answers


If you can bring the bitch to the vet and let the paw provide. Maybe still for all a tick medium as a spoton and a worm cure. In vaccination would not be bad. Moreover, you can not do.

You can not compare the attitude of dogs in other countries with us in Germany. If they can run around freely, they also have the possibility to catch mice for example. And the bitch will also catch one or the other rabbit. As long as they are reasonably safe there, I would do nothing.


The feed is not specified and the bitch would have to be investigated because of the paw. Then you should respond to your grandfather.


Bring the AllE little to the vet.

The paw must be supplied veterinarian and for all basic vaccination and worm cure.


They should sometimes a veterinarian, if you can afford that or your grandpa.

Should I worry about the dogs?