Do you live from ready meals or do you always cook yourself?

2021-07-24 23:02:39 KRISTIE

I do not mean the ready meals out of the tin, but those from the bags you just make in the pan or in the microwave or always cooks you yourself or do it that way, sometimes?

I confess that I grabbed to prepare dishes when I do not eat in the canteen.

KOCHE itself always choose 54%

Times so, sometimes so choose 44%

Using ready meals Choose 2%


I like to cook damn, but also work pretty much. Since you do not always have big lust something to conjure. I always have any micro or just as ready meals somewhere in my closet.


For decades, fresh preparation has been important for decades and also do not switch off, as I cook still relaxing under time pressure. Relatively rarely, a gourmet fillet finds inlet into the feeding floor, other ready meals do not create it on my plate.


If we are all cooked there. But GG and Junior drive full-layer in absolute chos and there are also layers against each other, so that rare (morning and Monday) have both free. Then ordensions will alsoH cooked.

Otherwise, if Junior is there, you also like to finish. But nothing you mean 400 grams bag for the pot of Frikasse, Königsberger, Hunterstreckchen, sliced. For rice, pasta or potatoes. GG is there more on a tangible stull or cake.


Prepared meals I avoid, like the devil the holy water!

Since I want to have control of the ingredients If I cook exclusively.

In the event that time is not enough, I participate in part. This sometimes demands something planning, but you can quite set it on



If I'm eating for the family then I'll cook fresh, except the Children are looking forward toTK pizza or so ...

If, I'm just eating for me then I treat myself more often ready meals ... but then you have to be really good


Do you live from ready meals or do you always cook yourself?