Do you think of extraterrestrial life?

2021-07-25 07:03:30 RICKEY

This is no longer a question of faith, as we recently provided that there are extraterrestrial life by the Iranian space authority has "exposed" on the moon.

What untruthful Life that has developed on other planets, I consider myself to science: The probability is great, also the probability that there is intelligent life in space, is quite high, but still astronomically much higher is the probability of this life Never to meet.



Alien S are (theoretically)

Alone in the Milkstrasse alone is the 50th place of life

(these are under 1000 stars 2 pieces)

M StERNEs are considered a possibility for special forms of life, as the circumstances there are already vital to vital but in principle in transitional zones would be possible.

KGF stars are interesting for humans if we find a planet that is similarly difficult as the Earth with a similarly dense atmosphere and a similarly large moon in the habitable orbit around the star of 0.5-2.2 earth distances


This is not a question of faith. I think XD rather one of the mathematical probabilities.

You must first define in more detail in detail. Intelligent? Conscious perception? Or are a couple of microbes?

I think the problem is basically another one. Measured at the age of the universe .. it is more likelyMore likely that we dig up old civilizations .. you do not live us ... so do not live at the same time.

This makes every otherwise possible communication ... stop impossible. But proof of extraterrestrial learning would still be provided.

If it is a matter of faith ... then I believe in extraterrestrial life.

For each other we are the aliens; -)


Considering how big the universe is, it is even very likely that there is extraterrestrial life ,

Whether this is also intelligent life or more bacteria or so is another question.


I think it's definitely other life forms in the universe - which is huge and largentEil is unknown - gives.

Do you think of extraterrestrial life?