My parents talk to me all bad What should I do?

2021-07-25 14:01:27 CHARLES

When I buy something good what is more expensive, from my money you try to talk to me badly that it would be nothing and gum is and talk all the time negative ... I'm doing and doing a lot for my parents And they can not even bring me a little something when I ask something ... because I did so much ... then go to my siblings and motivate the totally I can never praise or something although I'm the youngest. I had asked my mother if she could bring something to me there brings me that for men with .. and I want to fool me? What please is that?


is similar to me, for example, my music taste or so badly talked. You can not do anything except it ignore it and dissect you or so


In principle, first, if you are dissatisfied with your current situation, change it!

Yours Parents do not take you seriously, then you do not take them seriously, ignore them, turn off. At some point I will think I'm talking to you why and why. Why do you want to spend time with people who do not support you in your action?!


It will take time to deplet. Take off and live your life. Some parents do not cope with children develop their own interests that are from Ddeviate.

My parents talk to me all bad What should I do?