Is Islam belonging to Europe?

2021-07-26 00:04:56 HOWARD

Does you think Islam has earned a place in Europe?
I think he is not heard here and he is not to be agreed with our values.

I have nothing against Muslims but the increase in Muslims in Germany e.g. I think for a disturbing development.
It is currently so the Christians in Europe are becoming less and less (which is good) People will always be enlightened and catch thinking about the Islam possibly replaces his place at some point.

How do you see that?

Is Islam belonging to Germany or Europe?

PS: I do not want to insult anyone, bet or anything else ... I have only described my opinion here and would like to hear your hearing now.


Islam or was native to large parts of the European Mediterranean, over centuries and partly today. So clearly, Islam belongs to Europe.

What concerns you is not the situation in Bosnia or Albania, but concretely the one in Germany, if I understand you correctly. Of course, this situation has causes. Christianity loses on trailers, I suspect, you know why. Islam wins pendants because free people are deciding on religion. And that's her right. There is no compulsion in faith, everyone is looking for himself, what I like best, why do you try to generalize your personal opinion and thus the personal opinion of other people to escape

Blessed in Europe, Muslims, Christians, and now also atheist side by side for more than a thousand years of age, go alongside, work together to work together in the same football club. So where is your problem?


There is religious freedom here and as long as no fundamental rights or applicable laws is violated, everything is in the solder.


No, he does not belong. Of course, modern, enlightened Muslims can live here as long as they adhere to the laws applicable here and also accept them than theirs. However, who believes that Islam belongs to Europe, which also speaks at this moment for the Sharia, the Islamic legal system. Because one is insellingAR connected to the other. Therefore, it is always amazing how people fail to differentiate. As they argue out of tolerance and good nature with "religious freedom" and completely lose sight of what has been listening here for a long time before their own eyes. /aktuell/feuilleton/debatten/musslimbrotherschaft-die-reuropaeische-mission-die-political-islam-16379528.html?gepc=s3&premium=0x20B931A767EA853937C0820F79A32F1

However, the right to religious freedom was enshrined in the Basic Law, So that people are not suppressed and tracked due to their religion. And not so that others can build a God state here in the name of religious freedom.


Unfounded anxiety in my opinion. There are also many enlightened Muslims. In addition, a large part of Muslims lives peacefully in Europe. The keyword is respect and tolerance. One should also deal with people, even if you do not always have an opinion. I think. Today there are more Muslims than ever in Europe. And yet Europe becomes free and tolerant every year. The reservations that you have usually discriminating and racist background. Proof is the inlet of right parties throughout Europe.


A belief is not a topographical border for me.

I can not understand why this increase for disturbing holds but it I would be interested in that's the way it is. Your concern that Islam's IslamI do not consider Christianity for the foreseeable.

Is Islam belonging to Europe?