If I'm tomorrow if I am with my friend for 10min some guy on snaps so he underst

2021-07-26 01:02:05 KIMBERLY

Afterwards I would, of course, if he knows why he does not understand me. Last questions


For him it seems normal to have in addition to the relationship even other social contacts.

Why should he have any special feelings, if you show him that you also lead a normal life?


That would be something of childish ...

He may have other contact, the problem is just your morbid jealousy, trust him and is good!


I suspect he does this and it bothers it.

This is understandable simply because it is rude altogether - when you have an appointment and leaves against a wait.

Maybe you should explain it so easy to do it so easily. You can not do you so on the rail of jealousSave your girlfriend. Since one is done very quickly from the victim as a perpetrator. In fact and truth, however, it is about the appreciation that is injured.

Clearly you can still be on the phone or write. But then you say that in advance that you expect visit and the conversation then finished when he arrives. Or you get unexpected visit but then cares about the person who came to you. Unless she does not matter to you.

In your place I would rather say if he can wait for you again; I see you do something better, now well then I'll go back.


No, because your behavior would also be wrong and generally at this point. I find home / easy revenge or playernot be in a relationship. Communication is the key. If he does not meet your worries / fears or jealousy, or does not take you seriously, then ask yourself if he is really the right one

Beautiful evening :)

~ June


Hello Yodiskowhw,

You could talk to your friend and tell him how much you hurt.

Probably he is not so aware of him.

Only when you talk, problems can be made from the world.

If I'm tomorrow if I am with my friend for 10min some guy on snaps so he understands how I feel when he with girls snap?