What do with strong love kummer?

2021-07-26 02:03:12 CLAUDIA
Hello, I (m / 15) I have been in love with a girl for a good year which I see about every week 1 times with a youth meeting ... About half a year ago I stood my love for me, but she has her this does not reply and said that it does not want any relation to a separation and it is currently problematic that it is older that it is older ... In the meantime I have actually learned well with it, sometimes my feelings were almost gone, but yesterday The whole day with her understood and we have understood well as always ... but now I have since I'm back home (she lives away about 1 hour away from me) strong lovesickness and must constantly think of them and am sad they do not as a girlfriend .. I'm sufferingR why is very motivational, eating little and do not know what to do, as it sometimes comes over by her that she is very interested in me, but I'm too scared to get a removal again ... Can someone get me tips give what I can do against this lovesick?


Supplement: In addition, we have always understood great but she wanted to just friendship then ... I would like to write more with her on WhatsApp but are afraid to nerve nerve or etc


pity that she did not return your feelings. But head up! It is wonderful that you still can spend a nice time :-).

I think the most important thing for you is now: look at you!

Make things you always wanted to do; Learn something new (new sport or instrument) or what is always in mind (only nothing dangerous please ;-))

Enjoy the time together and always remain honest to you and to her, so comes There is no misunderstandings! ifThe pain is too big, then I would avoid any further contact. (Just say that so! Just cancel the contact is unstoppable)

Liebfife takes a while .. That's why you look good for you: -)


About half a year ago, I stood my love for me, but she did not replace it and said that she does not want any relation to a break and it is currently problematic that it is 1 year older ... If only a rationalization ... she just has no interest in you Hector Distraction is my tip Janet My tip is "Distraction" :>

What do with strong love kummer?