How can I help you?

2021-07-26 02:06:14 MURIEL

Hello first,

So I have the following situation / problem:

So I am a girl already in a longer kennelerphase, so far it did not work out in the beginning with a relationship I do not, then she was not ready and now we were actually at the point where we both wanted to try it, because we really have strong feelings for each other and somehow grateful that the other is there. Now the problem that SSIE has been harassed on a celebration of recent / almost raped, (she was set under k. O drops). Of course, when she told me that, I was extremely shocked and disappointed as she said I should seek someone else because she now (understandable way) takes time and overwhelmed with the situAtion is, but we are currently in contact and she has said of itself that she has feelings for me and that she still wants me. She says you are important that I will be happy and it would be okay for you if I'm looking for someone else, but I really do not want to say that and that I was so happy about it and she was looking forward to it and she opens over it slowly again and trust me. So what can I do for you? We can currently only write with each other and / or telephone, for a meeting, etc. does not currently feel ready.

And one in front I want to support you and do not help with the intention that we can try again with a relationship, but first because we promote ourselves relative at the beginningN do not want to be there for each other, what happens and I want to keep it. Second, I certainly do not really want you with me for false reasons and yes clearly wish me a relationship with her, but if it should not flap it is completely okay for me, but first it is important to me that it is important to me Well and then we continue. If someone has ideas what I could write or could say when calling, I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance


Tell her that. That you want it to be fine primarily and not a relationship. That you are there for you because you have promised you and not because you want to yield them, like DIW person at the party. But it's your decision when she comes to you, but if she is supposed to feel safe, Dad would be important


Just show her that you are always there for you Alone listening alone is already enough. Actually, you already do the right one, keep it up. Let them feel protected from you.

How can I help you?