Girlfriend is doing something?

2021-07-26 03:02:28 DELORES

Hello, I write this here quickly and without paying attention to the spelling because I'm in panic. An hour ago, my girlfriend wrote to me that she goes to sleep because she was tired then she called and asked why and so. And 20 minutes ago, write me this Naricvt "I love you so much sooo. Please never forget that "this does not forget, brings me around. The narity is your phone. What should I do I know it would have to nix but she already tried to kill himself about 3 years ago and a Naricvt to her friend then saved her life. We have a secret relationship and live far from each other. I'm just so scared that she is doing something like


That is quite difficult. You know your girlfriend better than me. Whether you had been depressed or depressed lately or made other hints that let suicide think.

You have a secret relationship, because you can not call your parents.

If you The feeling that she lately was depressed or depressed and now this message comes, only the possibility to communicate and ask the police if everything is alright.

The police such fears quite serious, Only I do not realize how your girlfriend reacts to it.

That's a difficult scoop, which you can only meet to the best of our knowledge and conscience.



Call police to your house, maybe also notches !!!

and call for her parents if their cellphone is back to trying to distract until the police, etc.

Hope nothing bad happens.


If you know where she lives then call the police, which can then see if everything is okay. Better to call too much there than once too little.


Police and Emergency Socks If it really is as it sounds, but it can also be just that she wanted to tell her and wanted to tell you that 'I've already heard more often


In such hopeless and unbearable situations, you will be thrown into it, so you learn the only way to take left:

Use the whole power of your concern and hardship to Jesus Christ as the Redeemer and have full confidence that he will help you.

Then a situation will occur in which your concern was seemingly was unfounded. Then you have the chance to recognize or believe that help became part or you can see it as a lived nightmare, which has turned out to be a panic attack.

Girlfriend is doing something?