Do not want to live more?

2021-07-26 06:03:02 FREDRICK

It's really hard to find something that makes me happy. I have no friends and that for about 3 years. In the class I have a few friends but they are nothing more than classmates. If we talk then only about school. So I have been sitting in my room for a good 3 years every weekend and do not do anything. I always had the hope that I find friends and everything is fine but I have so often tried to find new friends and I never really succeeded. I always say that I do not need friends to get happy but sometime packs me the loneliness. So I do not have anyone with whom I can really talk. Also for my parents I am a disappointment. I only have bad notes because I just do not stay in DER future see and no idea why I should try it at all. I'm just in the end that I turn to you completely desperate. If nothing has changed so far, nothing will change. What should I do now? LG


Sorry, I have only crazy ideas that are not socially recognized, but could definitely help find a way out of your misery. Maybe you should first perceive the classic help offers for young people in your situation - other forests will certainly be able to give you some good advice. Much luck.


In the age that is probably normal. But it gets better and you will definitely find a friend with which you will be happy. And good friends.

Wait only a bit. Of course you also have to look for. Oh, you know how I mean ...

The few people really have good friends. But you can not do it so muchGood friends will be happy.


When it comes to suicide thoughts: Clinic. Is not bad and helped me then. Otherwise you could see a psychologist, possibly also the school psychologist, and talk to him about your worries. Or therapy.

Please do not mind, yes at the moment it is ******* but it will be better again. Believe me. You only live once.

Very much strength and good improvement.



I'm doing so, I only have friends on the internet. Loneliness is really bad and with the family I'm not clear. I'll go in therapy soon, I may recommend you, if not then you could go to an association, there are probably pursuersE in your age. All the best ♥ ️


You have it in the hand .. to close contacts and start some hobby ... There you would also get to know people ...

I think that you should not force anything, also friendships do not let's time and look at people.

ONLY ACTIVE WHAT..HOVE IN FREE BATH or WATCHING OR Running the Dog .. Sofar You have one?

Maybe you need something ... Whither is you fun and enjoy it .. what you can do regularly.

What's that .. I do not know your interests ..Ber tasting A lot.

What the school is concerned .. Gives your best or search for you .. Wenns does not work right now.

Maybe your Diakonie has a psychological BERAppendy or the school..Wo you can say .. What's going to be depressed and how you could best change the best and after again.

Do not want to live more?