Very bad life as a virgin ??

2021-07-26 06:03:27 EUGENE

Hey guys,

I have a big problem. In am 31 years old, female and had never sex - away from my work. I'm still - away from my work boy and inexperienced. Not even a kiss with a boy I had - away from my work -. I had a very late puberty and had me until I was almost 23 - away from my work - not interested in boys and sex. Then the desire for sex has suddenly become very fast and very strong. Meanwhile, I have so big pressure and so strong desire for sex that I can not stand it anymore. I sufferely suffer from that I missed everything. I had some chances in the past on One Night Stand and Sex but I did not get it and therefore - away from MeInner work - missed.

Now my life is only made of frustration. I think continuously at sex and have the strongest suffering pressure at all because I have to live without sex. It has become my biggest desire to collect sexual experience and to sleep regularly with pretty boys. I would not have to be almost all for all of the virgin and finally to experience how sex, ie oral, vaginal and anal feels :( Believe me my desire has become so strong that I will suffer my life queenly underneath that I am a virgin must and this horny feeling have never been to have been experienced: (

Does anyone have a idea as I should come along? I can not imagine it. My biggest wish or dream at allT will always stay sex!


Tinder downloaded and good? Where is the problem? As a woman you can really complain what sex partners are concerned - especially not if it really only about sex.


A pretty young woman just has to find a husband who has no bad life could not find a man.


When I read again away from my work I broke the PC broken Why do not write the 100 times that no

My answer goes to psychologists

Very bad life as a virgin ??