Cold and hornless?

2021-07-26 08:03:19 JAIME

Hey guys,

I do not know why I have the urge to address this topic here, because I never talk about my feelings, but I just do it because I want to answer ..
And I am 20 years old and have experienced a lot in my life. When I was 14 we had to escape from our country and came to Germany. Have a completely new life have begun. I had to learn a new language. I had to find new friends. From today to tomorrow, all forgot what was in my home country. My home, friends, school everything! It was so hard for me and yet I fought. I have seen so many bad things in life and have also met Unloyale friends, or have seen how my best friend has betrayed me. I have since LThe feeling that I am very cold and heartless. That I just have no feelings and if I see something or hear that I do not take it with hearts but simply save it in the head and finish. It does not matter what it is. I've never been like that and I do not want to be .. I believe that I came through all this state. I can not tell a family or friends about my feelings because I do not trust at anyone.

I want to be alone most of the time, as I feel the best and have the feeling that I never feel like Will, due to this emptiness ..

What are you thinking? I am grateful about his opinion


You have developed a protective mechanism that preserves you from violations of people.

Through your bad experiences you are in displacement mode so you have endured it. This will make you feel "cold", but you are not.

Any friends who were not loyal to you, even betrayal of a girlfriend, that's just too much for you and you have made inside tight.

Maybe psychotherapy could help process your experiences and you might be trusting someone again.

All the best for you



or psychologist

or psychater.

What do you expect for an answer?

Such a one of thatPersons on. Or everyone.

I'm sorry if I'm rude.

Nobody will conjure up a super duper healing from the sleeve, which will release your problem from now on.

Before I advise you here a wild review, I advise you to see one of the above persons.

I wish you a lot of Ergol with your desire to change you



Shawna Shawna Shawna Shawna You should talk about it with a psychologist, maybe you can change something.

Cold and hornless?