The effect of masturbation on the body?

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Does the masturbation affect the nervous system and human development during growth, which substances and acids are present in the seed and how does masturbation affect the hormone and vitamin levels?

Is there an impact on the Growth of genitals?

What is the reason for fatigue after masturbation?

I'm male

I masturbate twice a day

Should we eat enough Get masturbating?

Causes Masturbation Erectile Dysfunction?

I hope for an answer from a doctor or a specialized person (I do not want to answer by people reading on Google)


I have never heard or read that the masturbation harms how many times often succeed.

Even with the animals there are pollutions, excess sperm goes off. Every excess is no longer meaningful, but in our Fitten, well-federal society fits it anyway.

Do not worry, the girls do it, but also something that does not have to be replaced.

Everything Easy!


Dear Questioner, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

There are a lot of questions that make you here, to which you will allow me to go to and after.

The effect of masturbation on the body must be between the effect on the male and the effect on the female gebe badly distinguished.

Since the male gender reaches the larger consequences, it is first mentioned here:

The effect of Onanie on the male body is primarily a loss of the seed juice, which represents the most complete juice of all comrade foods, and, inter alia, from the following ingredients: zinc, prostaglandins (tissue hormones), fructose, ascorbic acid, bicarbonate, phosphorus, protein, testosterone, citric acid, lecithin, cholesterol, fibrinolysin (an enzyme responsible for wound healing), phospholopides, thrombin ( Enzyme for blood clotting in the body), and phosphatase.

The lost seed juice must be restored by the body in the highest effort, for which calories and nutrients are incurredBeing. This can lead to a lack of these nutrients in the long run, and thus, especially in poor diet, also health damage. Grade The nervous system suffers from the lack of substances that are important for the preservation of the same substances such as lecithin and phosphorus, which is why nervous diseases in both sexes usually represents the first and most common consequence of exaggerated sexual delights.

A lack of these nutrients and hormones can and will, grade in youth, also lead behind the genetic potential. So it is well known that a child, if it gets inadequate food, despite the genetic way to achieve a body height of, for example, 180 centimeters, often behind this growthremains, and often even smaller than the parents. Especially for bone growth, the Onanie is harmful to male sex and causes muscles and bones of the boy to fall behind in growth, so he becomes weak, muscle weakness and all around Dürr.

Externally, the Onanie, especially in the male gender, shows a curved backbone (acne, pimple), a curved backbone (the ancient Greeks went out of the seeds are produced from the same), muscle weakness, drought, paleity, margins under The eyes, inwardly through visual feasters (glasses), windedness (digestive difficulties), and depressivity and listlessness.

In the wife, respectively young girl, the physical damage is less dramatic, as there is no seed losing. DEnnoche is also highly shaken with the nervous system, and because of its sexuality and more sensitive, weaker body construction, the orgasms is more intense, and it is possible to reach multiple orgasms through excesses, which alone alone anatomically It is impossible, it suffers nervally twice the damage of the man. Masturbation in the woman leads to pronounced nerve diseases, hysteria, nervousness, awkwardness, and ultimately for total control loss and madness. Also eating disorders and manic-depressive moods are the horrible steps on the way to the abyss, which the woman paves through its inadmissible.

Through every orgasm - with both sexes - the entire bodyHe and the nervous system shakes in the highest measures, as can be seen in nature with copulating hare:

The shock we observe here, however, only when Man in, and hangs together with the loss of living and life-containing seed juice. In dogs and other "perennial" animals such as the people in which the mating match lasts longer, this shock is avoided, and makes a low fatigue, and later sustained exhaustion and listlessness, place.

Since Onanie in the male gender limits all growth, so probably that of the genitals that can never achieve their perfection without the use of the body's own seed juice. Some former sexualforscHer also claimed that they could enlarge the sex parts; But that is probably true for women who punch through and drag their labia and partially make them monstrous. Also, introducing certain items in the vagina changed its elongation and appearance.

Erectile dysfunction is not more rare for young men, especially in conjunction with modern internet pornography, which is unveilized; However, it is also possible to suffer from sex toys or extremely frequent Onanie, without consuming modern pornography. Many of the men who suffer from erectile dysn function can fix the same but already by waiving Internet pornography.

I hope I could get some clarificationAnd wish you and all readers a pleasant week! Do not hesitate to ask, should something be unclear!

Do you hide yourself!

The effect of masturbation on the body?