Are the Covid-19 unvavfts responsible for increasing the fourth coronawelle in G

2021-07-27 12:06:52 LUCILLE

Yes Choose 44%

No Choose 43%

Other response Choose 13%


That would be too simple.

Also vaccinated can ill. But that's unlikely and if, then, the course is usually milder.

Therefore, it is discussed / was discussed not only to take the 7-day incidence as a conductance, but also the hospital occupancy.

Overall, however, I can imagine that the unvavings have a stronger negative impact on the numbers.


Unguarded is no synonymous for infected. Responsible are the carelessly celebrating PartyPeople in particular between ~ 15 and 35, which must be in masses and are cheerful without MSN and elementary hygiene and people who need to be in risk areas.


Cross again, even vaccinated can infect and will do it.

The virus seeks a host and will therefore continue to help.
This is its function.

Incidences do not mean the incidences are not equal Erkranken.
This has changed with delta.
Distinction is therefore between diagnosis and illness (COVID).

The front line was 16 months ago and is today the clinic.
That's why RKI has moved the hospitalization into focus, no longer the incidences.
The task is therefore to condition the clinics.
Do not win a war that is not to win.


No those who go in stadiums and no distance.

The main debt has the state because of the too early GElocket has.

The vaccine does not bring 100% security. Over 5,000 double vaccines were nevertheless infected. The vaccine prevents only the heavy course. But not the virus Ansich.

So gain distance people avoid quantities.


The low vaccine ratio is just a part aspect, much more serious it is that many people (vaccinated and unpvested) again party celebrate without consideration on any distances.

Are the Covid-19 unvavfts responsible for increasing the fourth coronawelle in Germany?