Girls, what would you prefer, a 1.70 or a 1.90 big man?

2021-07-27 15:01:38 RUFUS

Most girlfriends I know have what the height of a potential partner is concerned primarily a lower limit. Then, however, there are some who also say a certain size would be too much.

So my question to the girls: If you imagine you are single, and two men with comparable appearance and similar positive characteristics Have a view. Who would you want to take more if one of them is 1.70, and the other 1.90? Just just asked why and writes your own size.

1.90 Choose 80%

1.70 Choose 20%


That could be because I am more than 1.70 m tall and because my husband is random 1.90 m large ...; -)

I think it's a lot on your own height - I would be 1,60 m tall, I would not find 1.70 m not too small


Because I am 1.78 m yourself , It would be nice if he is bigger and I can also carry high shoes next to him without being directly larger ^ ^


Find also 1.70 not bad. Is even bigger than me. :)


rather 1.80, not too big and not too small or equal.


for my size would actually be 1, 70 better, but 1.90 is really not bad

Girls, what would you prefer, a 1.70 or a 1.90 big man?