Should the rights of children be strengthened in Germany?

2021-07-27 16:01:02 JOHANNA

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No Choose 29%

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The rights of the children are completely sufficient in DE. Enforcement of the rights is missing. Unfortunately. The enforcement of further rule and provisions inevitably leads more and more restrictions of freedoms.

Even if it throws wrinkles on the forehead in this context. Responsibility and freedom are two sides of a medal. The more responsibility one emits to the state ...


The children's rights in Germany are already strong enough - alone, it lacks enforcement.

Unfortunately, parental rights and children's rights are often compelling to damage to the children.


I was in my "first life" Dipl. Social worker ........


No, but strongKer anchored. Incidentally, the obligations should be spoken.


There should only be a "right" and that must be so strong that it attracts a balance position to competing rights.


J A but

Rights and Obligations

That one does not work Without the other

Should the rights of children be strengthened in Germany?