Why are "Fuckboys" considered negative?

2021-07-27 17:01:07 ELENA

I thought a bit about the topic of sexual desire.

And I noticed:

In today's society, it is often considered reprehensible if someone would rely so pretty much in bed or so. Such people are not rarely detected directly and as Fuckboys or Fuckgirls or so stamped.

But, that's a drift, the sexual drive. This is programmed in the head of these persons. You can not do anything that you think so NH?

Some trombones it out and thus brag about, etc. or send fat pics, which is also wrong. Such persons may be despised yes.

But why are those who simply have the same sex shoot, but do not exercise him in this wayJust as assist.

I mean that's the same as someone who stands on men, who can not do anything. Just as someone can not do anything that has been very happy to have sex and that's why it does not matter with whom and so.

You're true to me? Or what do you think about the topic?

And why maybe hate such people, what are your motivations?


There is the driving, yes.

But there is also reason and decency. There is also.

Everything three should taste, to reconcile.

Sexuality is the most intimate that we can swap with someone, and it awakens deepest feelings of lust and binding. Anyone who degrades sex to the mere leisure activities that takes the sexuality of emotional importance.

The vast majority of people combine sexuality and feelings. This is normal, healthy and natural. Whoever acts differently, is negatively seen by the majority and in my opinion right away.

It's like always with tolerance: everyone may do what he wants, but others may also think about what they want. It only works in both directions at the same time.

In this sense, everyone may permit their sexuality freely, but others may also condemn it and thus find it really bad.

For women and men, alike, that most of the rights do not want a solid partner who Hands went. And no, the glad argument that men will be celebrated for me could not confirm a woman yet. The overwhelming majority of women wishes men who have not lived promise.


Sex or much sex, even with changing partners, is not reprehensible.

The path is reprehensible.

Namely, if you are wearing his partners or to give them something to get to the destination.

A "Fuckboy" lies the blue from the sky toGetting a woman to bed and when you play with the feelings of others, the fun stops.

That and only that is reprehensible to the matter.

That's at least my opinion.


is a hard a word. I find it not worthy of people with different people to have sex when you are solo. However, I find it bad that some of these Fuckboy's feelings praise or not clearly and clearly say that no relationship and so many girls break the heart just to put a way ...










Amanda Amanda Amanda Amanda Amanda Amanda Amanda Well, Fuckboys / Fuckgirls not rarely play with feelings. If both parties want sex only and you gradually clarify the OK. But often the other part is interestedAnd then it is not fair to exploit the person for GV and then continue to pull. I personally find GV is associated with much responsibility. First, you have to rely on that the sex partner does not slip illnesses. The more sexual contacts had a person, the higher the likelihood of infecting something. That's why I would find it disgusting with someone who had many wives in bed. Especially if the first GV comes with "I can leave the condom away" How to do it. Secondly, GV Babies arise when it goes wrong with the prevention. So you have to be able to rely on the partner in this regard that it takes the pill correctly. What to do with Ner FAST strangers can be bad. And if that's really going wrong and you have there 9 months later a baby in his arm, then you want it with someone you love who knows you know Can not leave and do not want to stand with the child alone and on the financial abyss. Already alone, that's why I would not want to have any bird GV. Incidentally, we are not animals. People are able to dominate their shoots and bring themselves together. If you have his shoots, no matter which, not under control, then you should look help. LG Roxanne Fuckboys / Fuckgirls and just have a high sex shoot Are two completely different things. They play with the person with which they go out, uNd do as if feelings are involved if they are actually just about sex. This is something completely different than a one night stand that both agrees.

Why are