How does this modemodel look for you?

2021-07-27 18:00:43 DANIELLE

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At me she looks like a muffleau deinwatching Barbie tip, which one attracted clothes, which was modern several decades ago. Somehow I have the impulse to bend their arms and legs as they would make it with a Barbie ...


Basically, like any other modemodel in front of the camera acts on me. Empty, much too Dürr, dead, bleak, gray.

Of the ridiculous shreds she wears, I prefer not to start. You might think you have lost a bet. Why not a cowboy hat from egg cartons?


Infringable nonsense of clothes. So nobody will probably go seriously. These are excesses for the catwalk that barely removed from real lifecould be.

The upper part is also extremely uniform, inefficient and ugly. Totally wrong.

The wool-slip probably a veral up, because no one will want to wear something seriously. Wherever?

The model is childish, underweight and sexualized for the young age inappropriate.

The emitted mood is so sad and mies that one asks how the photographer could snap on the moment. Terrible these lousy faces.


Bad mood, underweight and poor posture

Not really good to sell clothes ...


Find that looks very young and her face is not really pretty.


good figure, but theI do not like clothes ... looks a bit funny

How does this modemodel look for you?