BIONTECH: vaccination reaction after 2nd vaccination?

2021-07-27 20:01:11 THELMA

To the fully bionTech vaccinated:

  1. Did you have after the 2nd vaccine vaccination reactions? (If not, the next two questions fall for you)
  2. What exact vaccine reactions did you have?
  3. How many hours / days after vaccination the vaccine reactions occurred?

Thank you for your answers!


12 hours after vaccination: chills. I could barely walk. I drank a lot of water, wrapped in the comforters, the gossip sweaty wet and after another 12 hours everything was back in Lot.


Both times I had pain in the upper arm and the puncture site Was something like that lit, went away after a few days. Then there was such a feeling of illness with much fatigue and sloping - but with me strangely after the 1st Biontech worse than after the 2 .....-

Everything no drama - you all the best: -)

  1. Yes, after both.
  2. Latemen pain, slight limb pain, depression and high temperature.
  3. began eachIn the night after the vaccine and stopped for a day.

So all half so wild, can be easily survived: D


Armaches as with the First. In addition, headaches in the afternoon after vaccination. Drunk in the morning like a sponge because I had heard that helps. No more in the afternoon, headache. Half a paracetamol. The next morning it was gone. Maybe I was a bit tired in the week than anything else.


2 subject with Biontech inoculated

Both times were vaccinated on a Thursday, only the day of the vaccination Puncture site slightly felt.

Thursday and Friday I had slight pain in the upper arm, such as muscle cat or rather as if someone has baptized, miniPainting headaches and I was very tired for 2 days. On Sunday everything was again as usual.

I had this reaction in both vaccinations. Exactly the same, 2 days, then gone.

BIONTECH: vaccination reaction after 2nd vaccination?