Sin women's masterbroker?

2021-07-27 21:03:35 EMANUEL


I recently had a conversation with a classmate and therefore need your advice.

It was about that many men have big difficulties to get to know other women and they are successful with data. She said that men are simply stupid, because

"Every woman in the body of a man would have easy to clarify other women successfully when they wool"

I contradicted. I said that women often do not know what (and who) they really want and be much harder as a man, a woman to data.

Who would you agree? What is your opinion for this?

I agree with your classmate to Choose 50%

I do not agree with your classmate to choose 50%


Nope, a woman in the men's body would have exactly the same problems as a man. Possibly, she would be more on a wavy line with other women and would make it easier to talk, but that's already.


Women can easily take off and man is there and away. A man must be great, strong, intelligent, funny, charming, protect you wear bags, holding doors and patch everything in the household.

Love greetings

PS: Answer could perhaps subtle lump sums contain. : D

Sin women's masterbroker?