Why do people stay with their parents compared to their parents?

2021-07-28 00:06:10 MYRON

In Germany, people attracted average at 23-24 years. (The thirst for women is 22.9 and the men at 24.5) Good There are also people taking off much earlier, but even pulling themselves with 16 ( This is the minimum age)

For animals, it is quite different that often pull out much earlier. Some animals even grow up without their parents and have been put on themselves since their birth. We humans must be with our parents, on the other hand, and leave them very late, while animals leave their parents much earlier.



So in most animals it is so that they are already leaving their parents and set themselves. It takes decades with us. For animals days, weeks, months or a maximum of a few years. Some animals even grow up without their parents and are on themselves from birth. On the other hand, we humans need to leave our parents and live in the great wide world alone. For animals, it is much faster or even from birth.


Hello Melonanmalaka

Nature's out is now set up The cat after the mating act disappears and the cat mothers, starting from the 12th week, to chase away the kittens from the nest and their surroundings. For cats it is aso Not so, the father and mother take care of the kittens. In addition, the cat can also be covered by several caters at the same time. And with wildlife cats, it's a bit different again, because the female cats usually stay together in order to help each other in the rearing of the kittens, with the male kittens be chased.

No, meaning relatives Nothing nothing. When the mammal time is over, the mother-child ratio also extinguishes. Especially if you mediate the kittens age-appropriate, from the 12th week, the cat mothers forget their children very quickly. Do cats or hangover their children? NO ! All smell the same in a cat puzzle. If e.g. a member separate from the pack for a long time, his smell changes und it is very difficult by the others, or no longer accepted. The pack smell comes about by rubbing the cats together or on the same objects, brushing each other and so on.

But that does not mean that the mother does not understand particularly well with one or more of its kittens or even siblings understand each other, if they stay together. You also know that from breeders, where the cats always live together.

I have had a whole family collapse here with me and it was great. I had Papa Felix, Mama Kitty (+) and the siblings Lilly and Balou (+). Of course, there was also the usual squeak sometimes, but that worked together. And Felix and Kitty made the twoOthers we still have, Maui and Dante, no difference. It was just a group of 6 cats that could live harmoniously. With a reason for this is, but that are all castrated! Today I have a 5-kater band, Felix, Maui, Dante, Yoda and Titus.

To us:

Our family always had a very big cohesion. We have always been a multi-generation house, in the grandparents, parents and children, sometimes the aunt, have lived together. So I have become so big. My brother has never moved away from home, I lived 2 years differently wherever and then I'm back. We have, after the death of our father our mother supplied, which was ill for cancer. Due to her death my brother and I inherited the house. Why HI should take off here again? We also maintain commemoration of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. And we continued the tradition almost. My daughter also lives with us in the house, she is now 22 years old. So what ?

All the best



The parents are comfortable, cheap and you like them. There are many reasons why children stay with their parents long. For animals this is just different, they are already born with certain instincts. Therefore, you do not necessarily need your parents.


And how long do most animals live? Maybe 20 - 30 years. Rarely longer. Who does not live for so long, can of course not stay in the nursery as long as long. weAmong the few who can allow a slow development. Exceptions, of course, confirm the rule.


Well that has certain two reasons.

On the one hand, the whole thing is certainly related to our generally quite long life and the associated relatively long state of development of the human being. For example, a five-year-old or a six-year-old would not be able to survive in the free wildlife, just because many skills are not yet developed, both as the cognition as well as what physical abilities is concerned. To be silent from a one or two year old. Until the full mental and physical independence, it is simply longer in humans than many animals. This timeBut on the other side also rewarded by pronounced physical and mental abilities in the further life.

On the other hand, however, cultural reasons are added. So people live in completely different allies and societies than they do most animals. However, our western society is structured in such a way that the first years of life are in the sign of education and the children are self-employed after this to leave the parents' home and be able to independently deny their livelihood. Without some education, no (good) life is possible.


Presumably lies the main reason for the long remain with the parents in the brain of adolescents. The human brain needs about 20 years to full maturity. Some wiSsesschaftler mean even up to 25 years.

This long maturity process in humans is probably the reason why man can adapt better and faster to changes in the environment than animals.

Why do people stay with their parents compared to their parents?