How is yours to gender conversions?

2021-07-28 02:02:00 KATHLEEN

Hello and nice day,

Me would be interested in the opinion of the other users about gender conversions, because I am at other views and why other people see things as they see them very interested.

Support it, although not affected CHOOSE 51%

Accept Choose 26%

Something should be banned and is not alright choose 12%

I am more likely to choose 5%

Plane itself One / Has Make a Make / Make. Even a choose 2%

have no opinion choose 2%

Will My opinion not revealing choose 2%

I accept it. After all, every self has to decide. I would not do what concerns me.

I have some problems with Exmans who in the women in the Olympus. Play. I did not work so much, but I can think that you have chances in some disciplines that just have nothing to do with workout. Weightlifting eg I can imagine.


If you are busy with the topic what I've done then I just find that just terrible how people have to live in the wrong body . I know a person from my former class, she is now a woman. Many, especially older thinking this is just spinning, DAce you just can do that way but not. It is only necessary to psychotherapy, then the gift of hormones etc. begins to be medical and psychotherapeutically clarified. Nobody can tell, so now I let myself be re-operated.

I recommend the movie: my son Helen. Is it even at YouTube.


support? Not when something is done to "see how it is then".
Accept 100%, because who does not feel well in his (old) body, should be helped.
Locking, treating with medications or torture tools or just punishable as lifelong is punished, is not a solution.

Even if it is not a disease, even something has to pay a health insurance (as it belongsBT, I do not know).


Everyone should be like he / she feels.

My aunt is a transfrau and had problems at that time regarding sexual equity, as it is different in South Korea. Even if I was young at the time, I have noticed how unhappy she was

If one of my friends should be trans, I will also support them.


I Do not know why I should not accept or support it if people want to perform a gender adjustment (not "conversion").

How is yours to gender conversions?