Prophet Mohammed?

2021-07-28 02:05:06 AARON

Why does not give a consideration that Mohammed has only hallucinated or lied? I mean, then you believed everything because you did not know any answers. But why were people so gullible?


So you say he has over 23 years hallucinated and written a book that has been shaped and influenced the whole Orient for a millennium until today, which has been full of wisdom and other topics, such as meaning of life , Morality, ethics, history, science, astronomy and much more treated?



Some people are considering, for example, Islamcriter Hamad Abdel Samad In his book about the prophet Muhammad.


In addition to the Muslims, all believed from the beginning. Also extremely from today's perspective after epilepsy.


Because people want to believe something. This is not just the Mohamed so, at all othersSaints also


That's what you do, then and today.

I assume that Mohamed had mental health problems, properly even.

He had delusions, some recognize a narcissistic personality disorder with him. U.A.

Why people follow him today and see him as a role model, I am a mystery. So a man would be put to prison or in the (forensic) psychiatry.

And the things that stand in the Koran have already refuted.

As I said, no idea why Muslims which can not or want to recognize that.

Prophet Mohammed?