Would you eat fried worms?

2021-07-28 05:04:57 RAUL

Lastess had eaten on a firmly fried grasshopper, barbecues and meal worms.

Should the food of the future be the future. So my taste is not. But at least I wanted to have tried it.

Igitt, no case! CHOOSE 50%

I would like to try choose 23%

other opinion Choose 17%

I'm not sure choose 10%


From my own experience, I know that the attitude to the taste has a lot to do with a unconscious fear and rejection of unfamiliar food or tabuised foods.

There was no one in my parents' home Horse meat, because you can not eat these beautiful animals ... and it does not taste (no idea how my parents judge the taste where they would never eat such meat).

This opinion and attitude I had taken over and at some point there was a super delicious sour roast on a barn celebration with friends .... It was horses meat, as I have learned in departure. Since the food I have horses meat and do not die.

on different trips through remote areas in Malawi, TanAnia and some other African states I have been able to eat much and can actually enjoy and be allowed, from whom I would not have thought that I could even taste anything. The coronation were roasted ants eggs. "What do you think you have eaten? ... Roasted little noodles .... No, fried ants eggs." And those were extremely delicious! Ben

In any case, I would like to try great.

If I can not taste it I can still leave it. Audrey

No, which would have to be processed to flour and mixed in the pizza dough, for example, Ben

I had a burger from insects Was also not bad. The sight of whole insects is a bit gIn need of ejection but you can say bad, something I would taste if you have not tried it Roberta

I escape and to such meal worms, yes. Grasshoppers, barbecues etc. are too much for me ...

Would you eat fried worms?