Is sex with slightly overweight women, so they are a bit chubby / Chubby, for mo

2021-07-28 06:01:11 KIM

Ask me that, because I'm still visually not so on chubby women and not really thick anyway.

But with such a chubby I think so, if the sex, despite the less optical attractiveness may be horny?

Because chubby girls have the mostly horny tit * en eg and you have something to touch.

I had no sex yet.

Survey please with justification.

Yes, the sex is cool. Choose 61%

No, the SE is not horny. Choose 39%


clear, can also be great. Would even mean that if you bother the guys the eyes, most would not notice any difference at all. Basically, chubby women can also be very attractive. I'm quite standing :)


You have to take this what you stand ...

Clear can be sex with ner skinny woman, clear sex with ner Chubby woman can be horny, clear sex with a supersize woman be great ... best I find personally sex with men - all a question of the preference.

It is completely ok to have optical preferences as long as one expresses the respectful (where it does just every second fails here). Only to go to bed with someone who does not like it and BeI do not get the desire to get the desire to touch him, and then moaning that it was shit was neither smart nor decent.


fat women (including chubby falls below) For me, just have sexually repugnant, so no.

As I said people, the emphasis is on sexually repugnant. That does not mean that you can be nice.

Is sex with slightly overweight women, so they are a bit chubby / Chubby, for most types horny?