Why am I so on older men?

2021-07-28 06:06:55 STUART


I (W / 17) stand very on older men. I love these daddy - lolita games. Is that okay or is that weird and disgust? Because I always find something so cool.


Well, as long as everything is voluntary and no one is forced to ... just does not correspond to the norm that everyone is used to ...

But is a free country :)

A girlfriend was also on a lot of older men, at first something strange but with the time I even understood it and it was totally normal :)

Pay attention only that you are not exploited


As long as you do not come to damage, the okay - there are so many "varieties" in relationships and that's just one of many


I find the very funny when I want to make myself like a young man with an older woman's mother games, I will be quite different.


Doing many. Ijust a preference, or a fetish, like others too. I myself never liked it, but disgusting or weird is not.


If you like it - enjoy it. Lack of candidates you will never have there.

Why am I so on older men?