I would be interested in whether generally women better with separations or rath

2021-07-28 06:07:45 JO

It is always called that men have big problems with being abandoned. Of course not all, but many ranks then. Why is that in your opinion? Merci.


So I do not know. I am a woman and a separation takes me badly. I have now not yet any husband (all men know I know) an extreme "be on the ground" noticed after a separation. Possible that a man does not let that note and stay cool outwards. If he shows a reaction, she is probably very buried and over-reacted. Maybe to the Stalker O Ä.

Men tend to bind back faster than women. Forget the pain through a new woman and not to process the old man.

The women can ever be alone after that. Is my experience and opinion. I can also be wrong