How do you tell his best friend that you are in love with you?

2021-07-28 08:03:23 WILLARD

I can not just say: " Name, I love you."

How to direct the conversation to something?


Are you sure that you return your feelings?

If you get your love and it's one-sided, it may be that your best friendship is strongly negatively adversely affected It can even break.

I would be careful whether your feelings are also replied.

All the best for you


Well that If it is complicated after all, you should be aware that does not matter how to formulate it is still dependent on the opposite or whether this one also loves. However, you should also be ready for a removal in case of cases. In addition, I guess how long you know you and what you have already helped. But I do not mind what happensStill be friends. Maybe you go to a place with which you have both beautiful experiences z. B. First encounter, party, birthday etc. You could still tell what you appreciate her and what you admire to her you can rely on things that you have experienced and your DSNN says you are more than just a simple girlfriend And you accept your decision no matter how you decide and you will continue to be friends (if it rejects.)


After a moment looking for the mood fits. If it is cozy, you are in two, if you have a degree, maybe you can get closer or something.

Must come in the situation. If the mood is just beautiful, then out. Much luck.


But, you can.

would be, depending on the person, the best way.

How do you tell his best friend that you are in love with you?