Will you create the aging process in the next decades?

2021-07-28 12:01:37 FELICIA


My biggest fear is the aging, so that I have to look at how my body is keeping further down to experience the knowledge certain things anymore, etc. Humanity will work in the to enable eternal life next decades? Clearly new problems arise, but this is another topic



That is or was a dream of many people. The only thing that is potentially immortal in us are cells of the germline. So the cells that lead to eggs or sperm. Because they live in the next generation. The "rest" of the body remains as a cover and ends as body.

This is a consequence of the development of life from the individual to multi-cell organisms. The shell, the Soma, which is not directly involved in reproduction, dies a natural death.

The opposite to this process is difficult. On the one hand, there is a natural "biological clock", the shortening of the chromosome ends (telomers) that marginalized a maximum life. On the other hand, there are also extremeA-chromosomal DNA in the mitochondria (MT DNA), which also ages and attracts the remainder of the cell due to aging loss of the integrity of the organelle, the remainder of the cell. Even if we would focus on the stabilization of telomers, this may be life-prolonging, but not yet the stone of the wise.

In addition, our body regulates aging over signaling pathways. So we would also need to intervene in the regulation of these substances. Before that you would have to completely understand your meaning, which is currently not the case. Such a signal fabric of aging is e.g. The protein "P66SHC". If cells are no longer saving and it makes no sense to get them more alive, genes are turned on, the cells into the T about such signalsOd drive. Mice where the P66SHC gene has artificially turned off 30% longer. This proves that aging and death are an integral part of the genetic development program, it is scheduled, already when we are born.

It may be that you can further extend life through measures, but stop aging "forever 20" I consider excluded. You should accept it. That makes life so unique. LG


certainly not. But aging belongs to life. You can restrict the decay yourself with healthy nutrition and accordingly healthy lifestyle with sufficient motion on the fresh air.


The aging process is JA B opposite the 19th centuryyielding or renewed by more than 30 years.

That's the reason that both pension and health insurance becomes increasingly expensive. Nobody thought of a "long-term care insurance" in the 1960s.


hardly ...... unless someone would have so much coal, herself Even scientists who would invent a miracle resource.

The aging process belongs to life, that's the way. Cells do not live forever ........

On the first day of your life you are already in the waiting loop that your life ends at some point.

Will you create the aging process in the next decades?