Your highest annual salary?

2021-07-28 12:03:05 JULIA

Hello people,

Time for interest, what has been about your highest annual salary including all special payments (in euros), but without severance pay?

More information about professional experience at the time, job, special payment included yes / no, we highly stronger and how high variable part (€ or%) etc.

If it is particularly high severance payments gave to perform them extra to fail to falsify the result.

45.001 € to € 60,000 Choose 38%

5.001 € to € 45,000 Choose 25%

About 110,001 € Choose 25%

90,001 € to 110.000 € Choose 13 %

to 5.000 € Choose0%

60.00 € to 75.000 € Choose 0%

75.001 € to 90.000 € Choose 0%


at 44K in the penultimate year. Last year by Corona a good bit deeper by short-time work and no normal bonuses. This year probably also by a mini salary increase, if there is a bonus just over 45k.

Do not have the exact numbers from the penultimate year in mind but currently there are 35.5k P.A. In the basic salary. Including call readiness (reasonably variable, depending on the customer base and contracts and how many people join us) 42,5k PA as a bonus is usually 1 1/2 month's salaries on top.


Rather in the upper third of this range


There is my current annual salary, which of course is my highest. You do not make a step down ....

Your highest annual salary?