What is wrong with me? "Rape" let me cold?

2021-07-28 12:06:41 ADRIAN

I've often slept with men where I did not really want it because I had no desire for discussion and did not let it loose anyway until I did it ..

Once I had a four-person against mine Saws with 3 types

They even recorded me
After a few minutes, but I said I'm volunteering anyway, because I cramped myself by sticking and achieving it with the 3en Slept although I did not want to
Other women would have been mentally finished
I have given me on the way home even Nen Burger and was satisfied that I have sexually supplied 3 men, although I did not originally do so at all. wanted ...

That's why I have happened to me a few times (the mit several only once)

I was often used until I simply volunteered

Sometimes I was initially recorded and extremely persuaded

Once it was so blatantly that I was so blatantly After that, even in love with the rapist was ...


But then I was displayed by girlfriends of mine that that has noticed that and was not allowed to approach me
I was too cowardly to tell my girlfriends that I do not want you to go to the police and have not seen him since and sometimes I still think of him today. I do not know where he is now and what was from him. I only heard that he does not live here

What is not true with me?!
And no, in my childhood everything went well and I had / haveas a good relationship with my happy married parents


I think that you delimit yourself and a part of the "I" uses. It allows you to have power. As much as it is directed and bad it is .... you separating yourself in these situations and "enjoys" that nothing works without you. Unconsciously, you also go to such situations. You know something can happen. I advise you to arm. Pass better on you.


Love questioner,

Many victims develop to their tormentor sympathy when it is kidnapped, or tied up and beaten. You can develop feelings to the offender! This usually does the psyche for self-protection! Modern psychology uses the term: Stockholm syndrome!

Definition Stockholm Syndrome:

The subterbeWissing white definitely: here is danger !!!!!; And therefore, another unconscious part of the psyche takes over a protection mechanism for the daily awareness (your conscious perception), so that your mind can not explain your behavior or your feelings in the day awareness, and it seems illogical, or inappropriate.

OK! - In this case of the actual Stockholm syndrome, there are kidnapping victims, or hostages! and no rape resp. Abuse sacrifice. However, psychologists also like to use this term for the victims of sexual misuse and rape!

It is especially crucial for the Stockholm syndrome that many victims fall in love with the tormentor. They support his concerns, they even find it beautiful, climbhas to be kidnapped or abducted.

The victim sympathizes and supports, or loves his tormentor!



This is a phenomenon, which has not yet been sufficiently explored.


Everything is fine with you.

Every human being is different. Do not let you think you have such or so.

As long as you are not suffering from the world, the world is perfectly fine!

Incidentally, I have heard more often of women that they have sexual Acceptances (not always equal rape) did not take so insane and they have processed it relatively easily.

It does not seem to be so opportun in our society to pronounce something like that. But you are definitely not alone.

Hector Go to the police and indicate them because of necessity to sex, just because they do not do that with other women. It was not a rape, besides naturally he has kept you against your will and not released. That you fell in love with the man is called Stockholm syndrome (see: James Bond: The World Is Not Enough).

Sherri You just have something many women do not have. You can let go and not watch everything as rape, if in principle actually fulfill the fact. There are also women who like to be wild wEarth and only this will come correctly on your bill. Maybe it is lucky for your sexuality, but it carries the dangers moment that you are in false Herankart who threatens you with life after the sexuality. As long as you know the guys you can continue the fun, he fits as well in the imagination of many men and women too. "A nice free, the rapes me" etc.

What is wrong with me?