Is there a solution for my mental health?

2021-07-28 12:08:39 KERRY

I am a person who is very uncertain and shy towards strangers. On a celebration, if it's funnier and I'm traveling without my friends, I'm much more open and can be opened. But with acquaintances or friends, I am quite normal and not too quiet. My self-confidence, self-assurance and my self-esteem is currently falling again. Every time I was not good again in one thing or something failed in communication, then I'll go down again.

I have a toxic girlfriend, in which I suck myself. I always see how friends or others are traveling with other people, possibly also drive on vacation or have something and have a good time, while I mush again at home and never neverMANDES TO HAVE RIGHT. I do not have a best friend. I compare a lot with others and feel very ugly (others do not compliments with any more compliment). I have lovesickness and can not forget the guy who did it. I speak little with my family, I'm very wordcarg and snippish (I'm always very sorry for that). My father is not interested in me.

I have a bad sleeping rhytus, permanently tired and sometimes no longer get along if someone is appealing to me = little receptive. Have the feeling I do not understand it more often either.

I have been very big problems with my diet for 2 years, eating a lot of uncontrolled. If I did not make sports and such a fabricEl had, I had a few kilos on it. Candy free I can only grow around 15-20 days a year. And if I take trials or reduce sugar consumption it works a short time and then I will be all the more back.

In my hobbies, I can not baked anything and have no fun anymore. I am very attached to my friends, but very lustless for my family. I just feel very alone and suppresses, tallless and that I miss a lot in life.

What can I do about it? I am currently a person I do not want to be and is not really. I have been such phases for 4 years, sometimes more, sometimes less. But it has been extreme for a few months.


You are surprisingly self-reflected.

In the best case, you trust yourself to a therapist, a therapist. After the exclusion of self- and / or foreign threats, nothing is passed on to your parents.

The therapist can work together with you, based on your already advanced self-reflection, solutions.

Acut can do the following:

- conscious diet

- Sleep sufficiently

- Experiencing sports

- Develop interests

- Social "remain in place" (instead of helping socially). Have you already considered a club membership?

- etc.

All the best.


Sounds somehow after ner full-grown depression .. Something like the DocKäme would not question?



You have already written it yourself: You have a toxic girlfriend! Will you start. As quickly as possible. Sounds like an energy and soul-eager. That could be the "breast solder" for so much. If not, then you have time for you and if necessary, you can get professional help.

If I already read toxic, all alarm bells ring ...

Is there a solution for my mental health?