Is it so hard to look like?

2021-07-28 12:10:37 TONI


I currently have incredible complexes with myself.
I do not feel that I would like to be. A woman remains in memory all the time. I find them unbelievably pretty and would like to go in the direction of her. I do not want to be this standard woman who are all at the moment. I want to know my worth, be self-confident and stand in life with both legs.

This woman is not cute, in my opinion, it does not correspond to the standard. Body Technically, I do not have to be as thin as you do something in the direction. Clear skin, natural make up and and and. The fact that I have complexes, I'm not feeling well enough.
Do you have any tips thathelp?


exercise training and change eating habits. Monday to Saturday no noodles, bread, snabberies and sweets. Sunday Cheat Day.

It is best to do a cure for 2 weeks.


So the lady is already a 10/10 to compare itself is not good, that sounds only the self-confidence. If you want to have the figure, then you have to start exercising quickly :)


From the body and face I would not want to push her from the edge of the bed :-)

But those are more interested in guys like Jason Momoa :-) Do not appeal for old Ü50 like me :-)

(if that reads my girlfriend, Au Weia!)

What you Just be concerned, you yourself. Do not adjust orieDo not bend to others, just be you yourself.

There are 8mrd people and I sign that it is also guaranteed by someone who is so accepted as you are.

And ultimately comes it also on it. Of course you can be dissatisfied with yourself, but if someone accepts you as you are you did not make 100% wrong. Not everyone is a model and has on each finger 10 gypses who want to hop in bed with you, be glad that it is like that.


Oh man. It brings you absolutely not to compare you.

You have to learn to like how you are.

Thus, you goes to you the Nounja partially impossible. But because they can not get such a body? EGal what you do.


Clearly the women are pretty, but God also given you beauty! Everything is good. If you want to change something, make more sport and fit nutrition, but I do not think you have to look like to be beautiful

Is it so hard to look like?