Does that mean something good or bad?

2021-07-28 14:02:07 BEN

Hello together ...

I am currently writing with a boy (21). He is someone who gave me Mathenachhilfe and we've actually caught quite well.

Yesterday he asked when my education begins ...

Me: On 02.08 Why are you asking?

He: Because this information could be useful to me

I was totally confused until he finally mentioned that he was able to make a sunglasses in visionary in the store where I work would like. Everything good and nice.

We wrote while he had lessons ... and today I have asked him shy if he likes me ...

His answer: I have not thought about that.

I was firstTotally confused, because I just did not count with such a reply ...

I'm now totally uncertain whether he has interest in me ...

WWS you think?

Interest ... Choose 70%

Your Personal Opinion: Choose 20%

Does not have any interest ... Choose 10%


I asked him now if we want to do something together .... and he asked if I would have time Saturday ....


He has just seen people in you so far. That you are a woman and maybe even attractive, he has possibly not really perceived correctly. (There's something like that really) He has done more than just acquainted or friendship between you, but no thoughts. Now you ask him that. This is brought him messed up and surprised.

If you like him more than you can imagine something with him, you now need absolute fingertips. This is a very sensitive stage between you. He must first SACken. If he has no interest in you and you have hooked and even go a step further on him, he is gone. He has to be aware of what that is for him between you. Then he should take over the initiative. Let him take time. Possible that he is not the fastest in terms of feelings anyway. Good luck