Unscreen behavior of Muslims

2021-07-28 16:01:13 FLORA

At the Olympics in Tokyo, two Muslims in Judoka refused to compete against an athlete from Israel. I, as a Christian, can not understand that. Where is the fairness and respect in sports? Just in the sport Judoka. If Muslims criticize the Israeli government or individual politicians for their behavior towards the Palestinians, then I can understand that if they do not just pass any info unaudited. Only one person to treat so derisive and unsportsmanly because this has the "bad luck" to live in Israel, so I think that's wrong. There is no more sport, but only about politics. What do you think?


I would not overvalue the matter.

Who does not start, has just lost. There is no more to say from a sporting point of view.

From this to make a big deal and to use the Olympic Games for a political discussion, the goal of refusal is. We should not follow that.


First of all, the sport is Judo, the fighter Judoka.

Furthermore, in sports is always about politics, even if like the opposite claimed will.

Otherwise, I agree with you, the behavior is unsportsmanlike .....


Probably but it is now banned in Germany the two Muslims Impact racism.

Have two German refused against a Muslto struggle because he would have expressed a feminine or homophobe, one would hang from the two throughout Germany already search photos and describe them as racists or fascists or superior / discuss whether they may ever start for Germany.

Madeline At Olympia, there is no longer a sport but money. And that's what the best doping used so that it is still rule-compliant or can not be detected. Did you have an indication that you threaten the danger because your doping can otherwise be drawn? I have been thirsting for the event for a long time. Since 1972 there were no games since 1972 The problems are solved. Cecilia BesaTe Judoka has been clearly politically instrumentalized. This excuses nothing and is more than unsportsmanlike. I suspect a lost fight against an Israeli athlete would have massive disadvantages for the reputation of the Judoka in the home country. Withdraw the athletes through fight refusal, rather than to face them. Unpolitically, the overall event Olympia has never been.

Unscreen behavior of Muslims